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David Dixon Wrote:
"I have deliberately waited a few months before giving my endorsement to MemberSpeed. In the short period that MS has been on the market I have witnessed ordinary people making extraordinary websites.

While I am a believer in you get what you pay for, MemberSpeed is a rare exception - you'll get much more than just great software... You want a membership site?? What are you waiting for??"

JP Schoeffel Wrote:
"MemberSpeed will turn your ideas into actions. The first feeling I have when I log into one of my MS powered membership site is that it was developed by marketers for marketers.

MemberSpeed makes it possible and easy to implement any business model you might think of. My last membership has collected more than 1500 leads in less than 2 weeks and more than 75% of those were generated by the member themselves!"

Barbara King Wrote:
"My new site is up and running smoothly. I love all the features that MemberSpeed has. It will take a while for me to get thru all the modules, but they have really made it possible for my site to have a professional look. Thanks for allowing me to be part of a fantastic program."

Build a Presence

When it comes the look and feel of you website... if you can dream it - MemberSpeeds site creation modules can accommodate you. Not an artist? Colorblind? No Problem, Memberspeed comes ready with customizable templates and graphics to give your new site a professional and quality look.

You can also build multiple levels of membership - this allows you to display certain content for visitors, free members and paid members.

Take Orders

Paypal is integrated 100% and it's compatible with 2co & your own merchant account.

Manage and Mail a List

Follow up and build a relationship for lasting success with your paying and soon to be paying members. Not only is MemberSpeed equipped with an onboard emailing program - But we've added a *New Feature* Now you can integrate and plug your subscribers directly into your 3rd party mailer - like Aweber and GetResponse.

Every membership site you create using MemberSpeed can
be a constant and consistent monthly income generator.

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