Link Tracking Manager

Link Tracking Management Plugin Link Tracking Manager

You can promote affiliate programs, recommend products and recommended services to your mailing list with the Ad & Link Tracking Redirect Manager Software Plug In.

Using this Plug In, all you need to do is enter your link, make it active, set the targeted ad count (for example the number of people on your list the link will be sent to) and then monitor the link’s performance using the Manage Tracking Links panel.

Here, you'll get immediate stats on how well your links are performing and how responsive members and visitors are to your offers.

This information can be broken down even further to reveal complete in-depth tracking stats showing both raw and unique hits, first time hits, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly clicks, IP tracking and more.

You can also quickly edit links and even set 'default' URLs should you decide to stop a promotion.

This is a plug in and only works together with the main Core software.
Personal Use Only

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