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Company Name Memberspeed Inc.
Address 2248 Meridian Blvd
Suite H
City Minden
State NV
Country United States
Zip 89423-8620
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Booming Business for Bonus Stampede ManagerBooming Business for Bonus Stampede Manager

 Push Button Ease with New MemberSpeed Plug-in

Successful sales of information products have always integrated time-sensitive bonuses and incentives to early adopters and preferred customers. While providing bonuses delivers a great return on investment, monitoring and managing these benefits is a monstrous and time-consuming task. The release of the new Bonus Stampede Manager by MemberSpeed, Inc. represents a significant change for the industry. The new Plug-in, designed to integrate with the MemberSpeed core software, delivers a steamlined bonus delivery and management system.

“Once the system is set up to your specifications, the Bonus Stampede software takes care of the rest,” explains co-creator Jeremy Gislason. “It brings together a suite of automated tools needed to manage fast action bonuses and includes integrated fail-safe technology to manually monitor and adjust each promotion.”

MemberSpeed, the core software for the Bonus Stampede Plug-in, was developed by Gislason and his business partner, Simon Hodgkinson and has been adapted by thousands of businesses worldwide since its release in June 2007.

“This Plug-in provides the advanced power necessary for total control of any information products business,” says Hodgkinson. “The Bonus Stampede Manager completely eliminates any potential losses related to bonus offers and allows a business total control over who has access to their products.”

“This addition to MemberSpeed represents a phenomenal shift in that a business owner or manager no longer has to invest a ridiculous amount of time monitoring and analyzing the bonus delivery process,” says Gislason, “It’s all about enabling our customers to reach maximum productivity with no headaches, so that they can get up and running and making money in as little time as possible.”

For more information on the Bonus Stampede Plug-in or the MemberSpeed Software, contact Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson at