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Company Name Memberspeed Inc.
Address 2248 Meridian Blvd
Suite H
City Minden
State NV
Country United States
Zip 89423-8620
Contact URL

Other Information
Eliminating Barriers at Centre of Core UpgradesEliminating Barriers at Centre of Core Upgrades
Eliminating Barriers at Centre of Core Upgrades
Memberspeed Software Strengthens Foundations
The breakneck pace of technological progress can put business owners with limited resources for online development at a distinct disadvantage. Customers increasingly expect the latest features to be integrated into their favorite sites quickly and are quick to abandon sites that don’t move forward fast enough. Serious entrepreneurs have little option but to keep up or lose market share in the highly competitive online environment. Helping small business owners stay ahead of the curve is at the heart of recent upgrades to the core components of MemberSpeed.
“We’ve never expected our customers to keep up with the latest tech developments,” says Jeremy Gislason, co-founder and spokesperson for MemberSpeed Inc. “that’s our job and one we take seriously. The recently released version upgrade to the MemberSpeed core represents a significant jump in versatility and performance for users without affecting the simplicity we’re known for.”
Through a core system of essentials and optional plug-ins business owners are able to manage and monitor online operations without specialized knowledge or programming skills. The web-based interface allows users to customize and update their sites from any computer with ease. While upgrades and updates have been ongoing, this is the first major upgrade to the core system.
“Recent trends over the last year, like the explosion of online video have made this upgrade vital to the continuing success of our customer base,” says Gislason, “We’re thrilled to announce that the upgrade is in keeping with our mission to enable cutting edge websites to be launched in minutes allowing customers to do what they need quicker, easier and more efficiently whether they come in knowing a lot or nothing at all.”
For more information on the core upgrades to MemberSpeed, membership sites and their applications in Web 2.0 contact Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson at