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Company Name Memberspeed Inc.
Address 2248 Meridian Blvd
Suite H
City Minden
State NV
Country United States
Zip 89423-8620
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Managing Discounts and Deals, New MemberSpeed Module Delivers Simple SolutionManaging Discounts and Deals,  New MemberSpeed Module Delivers Simple Solution
Managing Discounts and Deals
New MemberSpeed Module Delivers Simple Solution 
Stimulating sales through discounts is a common marketing strategy utilized by businesses of all sizes. Small businesses have found that by providing affiliates, joint venture partners and other referral sources with specialized discount codes, they can test and adapt a variety of offers within a short amount of time. However, without a systematic approach to tracking and managing such codes, this approach can quickly spiral out of control for small business owners. MemberSpeed, an online software solution for online business development, has responded to coupon concerns with The Coupon Manager Plug-in.
“Discounts and coupons increase conversion rates by adding immediacy to the offer,” says Gislason, “and work on an emotional level to bring the consumer closer to a buying decision.”
For some consumers, the perception of getting a deal adds an element of pride to their purchasing decision and increases their satisfaction. For other buyers a discount increases their personal perception of being elite and special. Whatever the emotional pull of discounts for the consumer, it has traditionally been difficult to monitor optimum pricing for various target markets.
“Our goal with this module was to eliminate the overwhelm and confusion that is so often a direct result of trying to assess the effects of various discounts in multiple marketing efforts,” says Jeremy Gislason, co-founder and spokesperson for MemberSpeed Inc., “Instead of being forced to test one discount effort at a time, users can implement and test a variety of discounts or coupons, reducing the time it takes to identify the best performing offers.”
MemberSpeed is a comprehensive content management system that provides for both the web development and marketing needs of small business. The web-based platform enables business owners to manage and monitor online operations without specialized knowledge or programming skills. The software provides a standard core that can be expanded through optional plug-ins for a completely customized solution. The Coupon Manager plug-in has been released as part of a major upgrade operation that has been unfolding over the summer.  
“Of the three plug-ins we’re releasing this summer, the Coupon Manager Plug-in has the most immediate potential to increase profits,” says Gislason, “because it enables our clients to start testing and adjusting multiple offers right away.”
For more information on the Coupon Manager plug-in, MemberSpeed software, or membership sites and their applications in Web 2.0 contact Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson at