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Company Name Memberspeed Inc.
Address 2248 Meridian Blvd
Suite H
City Minden
State NV
Country United States
Zip 89423-8620
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Plug-in Power Packs a Potent Marketing PunchPlug-in Power Packs a Potent Marketing Punch

Plug-in Power Packs a Potent Marketing Punch

New MemberSpeed plug-in delivers friendlier E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is fundamental to the success of any web-based business. Its job is to keep visitors returning and convert them into paying customers. Managing mailing lists in-house has proven to be costly and complicated for large companies and nearly impossible for small ones.

Many have resorted to third party solutions for list management resulting in higher costs, loss of control and potential security issues.

The Email Marketing AutoResponder List Manager is the latest plug in for MemberSpeed, MemberSpeed, Inc.’s dedicated content and client management system. It streamlines E-mail operations, reduces training costs, and enables any business, large or small, to bring list management in- house.

 “This plug-in provides a revolutionary ability to manage autoresponder lists in house,” explains co-creator Jeremy Gislason. “It allows users to develop and maintain an unlimited number of lists without the need for outside professional help.”

The core software for the plug-in, MemberSpeed, was developed by Gislason and his business partner, Simon Hodgkinson and has been adopted by thousands of business users worldwide since its release in June.

“MemberSpeed, Inc. is a business that is sensitive to the needs of businesses. The new Email Marketing AutoResponder List Manager plug-in was developed with a great deal of customer input,” says Hodgkinson. Each powerful feature was integrated to meet the real world demands required when launching and managing an E-mail marketing campaign.

“The Email Marketing AutoResponder List Manager plug-in is the most anticipated new tool we've launched to date for MemberSpeed, initial demand has been incredible, explains Hodgkinson.”

“The Email Marketing AutoResponder List Manager was the logical next step in our development schedule for MemberSpeed which continues apace, says Gislason, It opens up a whole new channel of marketing capability for our clients and eliminates the big risks of relying on third party services.”

For more information on Autoresponder management or the MemberSpeed Software, contact Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson at