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Company Name Memberspeed Inc.
Address 2248 Meridian Blvd
Suite H
City Minden
State NV
Country United States
Zip 89423-8620
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Feeds on FireFeeds on Fire


Feeds on Fire

Latest MemberSpeed Release Increases RSS Results

Providing fresh and relevant content to website visitors is an essential element for business owners looking to increase visitor return rates and cross-promotion opportunities.  RSS feeds have been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to deliver content, but the time consuming tasks of coding and feed management have prevented many businesses from incorporating feeds into their websites.
The latest plug in from the world’s leading membership site software,, conquers these challenges completely. The RSS Feed Manager Plug-In boils the process down to a few keystrokes.

“With this addition we’ve super simplified content creation,” explains MemberSpeed Inc co-founder and spokesperson Jeremy Gislason, “Adding this plug-in to the MemberSpeed core enables you to develop an RSS based content page in as little as 30 seconds.”

The MemberSpeed core product is a top of the line membership site software and content management system developed specifically for business and marketing. membership site and content management system is guaranteed to give business owners total and effortless control of all online business needs.

Through the use of powerful marketing led plug-ins, including the new RSS Feed Manager Plug-In, MemberSpeed is infinitely scalable, and designed to grow with the needs of thriving businesses regardless of size or industry. 

As with all MemberSpeed modules, RSS Feed Manager integrates the ease of use, custom control and the ability to take a project from inception to creation at lightning quick speeds that have defined MemberSpeed since its groundbreaking launch.

While the RSS Feed Manager is available only to core MemberSpeed product customers, the generated codes can be used on any website. This feature provides users with unlimited potential for content creation on even sites not developed within the MemberSpeed core.

“As with our entire product line, RSS Feed Manager is designed to deliver performance to all users from novice to expert,” says Gislason, “so that every user can experience a near-immediate return on investment.”   RSS feeds increase the stickiness factor for any content: blogs, articles, forums, affiliates and more.  Once users have created their feed, generating the code, add it to their site using MemberSpeed's 'Site Design/Page Management' Module is as easy as pressing a button. 

That’s one of the features that make MemberSpeed membership software and related plug-ins top of the line.  MemberSpeed comes with unprecedented user support which includes private blog, private owner’s forum, training videos, manuals and guides and membership marketing advice.  Users have the option to install and manage the software themselves or to take advantage of the highly responsive tech support team.

For more information on RSS Feed Manager, membership site software, membership sites and their applications in Web 2.0, or the Software, contact Jeremy Gislason or Simon Hodgkinson at