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"MemberSpeed will turn your ideas into actions. The first feeling I have when I log into one of my MS powered membership site is that it was developed by marketers for marketers.

MemberSpeed makes it possible and easy to implement any business model you might think of. My last membership has collected more than 1500 leads in less than 2 weeks and more than 75% of those were generated by the member themselves!"

-JP Schoeffel

MemberSpeed Main Core Features:   (All of the features below are included in your package)
Configuration Manager
From here you can control every aspect of how the MemberSpeed system works - Hugely comprehensive yet easy and intuitive to master.
Admin Manager
Create any number of secure private access accounts to you main control panel.  Set module access to ensure you key data is private and your system remains safe.
Membership Manager
Build multiple levels of membership.  One time payments, recurring billing, trials.  Multiple payment options and infinitely configurable to match your needs (PayPal, 2CO and ClickBank)
Site Design Manager
Using CMS Technology makes it simple to create new pages, complex web forms - No programming, coding, no FTPing.
Navigation Manager
Customize site menus, page content and have it display to visitors, only after login, only to specific members.  SEO optimised navigation building made painless.
Inbox and Support Manager
Integrated mailbox/contact us module that allows users of your site to contact you.  Mails can be archived for future reference and searched (using multiple criteria's).
Logs & Reporting Manager
Complete record keeping at a glance:  Search and find payments, daily sales, new users, even add manual payments.   Quick and easy way to check sales and site income.
Testimonial Manager
Automate testimonial collection.  Set automated replies and messages to testimonial givers.  Customize your submission forms - Add/Edit/Remove testimonials in a click 
Ads & Banners Manager
Generate ad revenue the easy way - Display and rotate any kind of ads including:  PPC, CPA, Pay Per Lead, Regular affiliate links, Banners - Track clicks - No programming! 
FAQ Manager
Allows you to create unlimited categories and unlimited questions /answers all with individual search keyword control.  Build a repository of searchable info for your visitors. 
Logout Rotator Manager
Direct your members to any site you wish when they hit the log-out link - Great for integrated promotions and generating normally dead traffic to feed other sites. 
Recommended Resources Module
Quickly and easily direct visitors and members to both your own sites, your JV Partner sites and your affiliate links. 
Recommended Links Manager
Create instant sidebar or 'on page' blocks of links - Direct your visitors to great resources, partner sites, affiliate programs and more - All quick and ultra easy. 

MemberSpeed Plugin Modules:   (All of the modules below are included in your package)
Affiliate Manager
Automated and flexible system allows you to draw in, motivate, and reward affiliates quickly and with the minimum of effort.  Full Integration into Membership and Shopping Cart Functions
  Article & Content Manager
Configurable to match your requirements so whether you want to run a free for all article directory site or a closed door private content system you can - All fully automated.
Audio File Manager
Adding audio to your site couldn't be easier - Provide your members with great content or simply create a music store style site - Allows for visitor/member submission of content.
Autoresponder Manager
Build unlimited mailing lists, send follow up messages and manage everything in house.  Easy subscriber management.  Import/export. Allows single/double opt-in. 
Bonus Stampede Manager
Offer incentives, limit availability, control bonus allocations, full reporting and editing functions - Works with products in all formats - Great for launches and rewarding your members
Case Study Manager
Convert more prospects and develop a richer marketing foundation by harnessing the power of your members’ success stories with push button ease 
Coupon Code Manager
Now you can create coupons and set discounts to your hearts content while maintaining a close eye on your results and tight control on your profit margin.
Digital Product Manager
Add new products to your site, set access permissions, terms, descriptions, within seconds.  No FTP or coding required.   Unlimited product categories - Full stats and reporting. 
Featured Product Manager
Generate additional site revenue and monetize regularly trafficked pages - Allows you to add featured products, affiliate products and recommendations to login pages. 
JV Zone Manager
Allow member to member communications. Create many different applications - Joint Ventures, Dating, Community, Clubs/Groups, Networking, Intranets, Notice Boards and more. 
Link Tracking Manager
Create fully customizable redirect URLS. Set the targeted click count, monitor links performance via in-depth stats panel - Full edit control and setting of 'default' URL overrides.
Member To Member Manager
Add user generated content to your site and give members a unique opportunity to interact with your system. Allows members an easy way to interact with each other.
Press Release Manager
Raise awareness and increase brand recognition, with the power of press releases. Building expertise and legitimacy through free publicity has never been easier.  Tap into existing markets with a mass media campaign that money can never buy.
Reseller Manager
When members love your site they'll pay a premium to become a reseller. Create reseller licence memberships to allow members to sell or give away access to your site.  Fully customisable.
Review Manager
Up the 'Sticky Factor' - Let visitors/members to voice their opinions and review your content. Easy way to add user generated content (integrates with audio, articles, videos and product pages)
RSS Manager
Add 'hands free' automated (and targeted) content to your sites pages from: Blog Feeds, News Feeds, Affiliate Feeds, Article Feeds (integrates with Article Manager) and Forum Feeds.
Shopping Cart Manager
Turn your site into an ecommerce storefront (Sell both digital and physical products) With complete category control, unlimited products - SEO optimized pages & full back office reporting.
Video Manager
Create unlimited categories, assign access privileges per category. Add video to your site without programming and even allow visitors/members to upload their videos. (also see review manager)

MemberSpeed Training & User Resources:   (All of the resources below are included in your package)
User Manuals And Get Started Guide
You get access to the online manual. Access to live training classes. Access to archived video training materials
Recommended Resources & Tools
Gain access to a wide range of professional services, extra reports, articles and advice for MemberSpeed owners - From web hosting through to legal matters it's all covered here.
All New Release Plugins Automatically Added To Your Account Free!
That's right... As you'll soon find out at MemberSpeed we don't believe in 'hiding' our prices or like some most software companies, hitting you for 'extras' the minute you become a user. Right now you have full access to all the current MemberSpeed plugins and you'll have access to everyone we release in the future - No extra charge!

MemberSpeed Pricing

MemberSpeed is installed on your own web server/hosting account. Please make sure your hosting package meets the requirements before purchasing. If you have any pricing, licensing or pre sales questions, please contact us.

60 Day Refund Guarantee
All purchases of MemberSpeed come with our 60 day money back refund guarantee. Simply contact us to request a prompt and courteous refund at any time within 60 days of your purchase.  Monthly Payment Plan can be cancelled at any time.

No Hidden 'Extras' Guarantee
MemberSpeed comes fully loaded and includes all the features and plugins listed above. This way (and unlike most software companies) you won't find any hidden 'extras' or nasty surprises once you become a user. You will also receive At No Extra cost all new plugins we release (for the lifetime of your account). This gives you complete freedom to grow your business and expand your site without restriction.

Licensing Terms
Purchasing a license for MemberSpeed allows you to operate a single copy of the software on one single web server. An unlimited number of users/members and affiliates can use your site, and you will be able to create an unlimited number of admin accounts.

Additional licensing terms:
Your license is non-transferable and cannot be sold or exchanged. For full license details please click here. If you still have questions, please contact us.

What Our Customers Think:
David Dixon Wrote:
"I have deliberately waited a few months before giving my endorsement to MemberSpeed. In the short period that MS has been on the market I have witnessed ordinary people making extraordinary websites.

While I am a believer in you get what you pay for, MemberSpeed is a rare exception - you'll get much more than just great software... You want a membership site?? What are you waiting for??"

JP Schoeffel Wrote:
"MemberSpeed will turn your ideas into actions. The first feeling I have when I log into one of my MS powered membership site is that it was developed by marketers for marketers.

MemberSpeed makes it possible and easy to implement any business model you might think of. My last membership has collected more than 1500 leads in less than 2 weeks and more than 75% of those were generated by the member themselves!"

Ryan Carter Wrote:
"Awesome product, guys! I was able to set up my first membership site and start making sales in about 9 hours. That might seem slow to some of the other members, but I'm a complete noob!

Seriously, top notch product, support, and results. Don't bother with anything else, just get MemberSpeed and be done with it."

Calvin Woon Wrote:
"MemberSpeed is undoubtedly the most amazing product ever launched on the Internet to date.

With such an awesome software like the MemberSpeed, its gonna bring internet marketing to a whole new level.

The benefits are limitless and one certainly will have their hands full with all the features included inside the members area.

Thanks Jeremy & Simon for over-delivering once again!"

Edmund Loh Wrote:
"Hi Jeremy & Simon,

I've just checked out the MemberSpeed Technology demo and video walkthrough. I still can't believe it that you're actually going to hand over the keys to your closely guarded secret All-In-1 Marketing Weapon!

So many people have tried to copy this technology when your websites, including, achieved critical mass in fame and profits. Yet no one came even as a close as 1%!

But you've invested a good 6 figure with 3 years to boot in developing this technology - and yet you're releasing it at a HUGE steal (I would have kept it to myself, seriously, but your generosity impresses me!).

I look forward to the release of MemberSpeed, because I certainly have plenty of plans to do away with this nifty technology! :-)"

Lee Collins Wrote:
"MemberSpeed is the product I've been waiting on for years!

No more Joomla, no more open source fiascos, no more expensive software that doesn't deliver.

You guys have really out-done yourself this time -- two thumbs WAY up and thank you for making my life as a marketer 100x easier!

All the best"

Tobi Brand Wrote:
Jeremy & Simon, MS is without a doubt "THE SYSTEM". It has everything the serious internet marketer needs. I am excited, delighted and proud to be part of the future of internet marketing with such a platform in hand. Your technical support is unsurpassed, quick and very professional.

However, what I appreciate more than any of the above is the time which both of you have taken on occasion to personally reply to my, sometimes impossible, questions & requests. It shows that you honestly Do Care for your members, even a beginner like me.

Truly the best purchase I have ever made!
Thank You ... Iím a FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!

Conrad Desroches

Garland Valley Wrote:
"The Memberspeed CMS can be summed up in one word WOW!...I have tried many other systems for online marketing and home entrepreneurs and have never found one as versatile, user friendly and powerful as Memberspeed, it truly does live up to it's claims.

MS is a masterpiece of software programming and a must have for serious internet marketers. Not to mention the fantastic technical support, all of my questions are answered within 24-48 hours (sometimes faster) and the techs are knowledgable and professional.

I have not once regretted my investment of this software system and look forward to expanding my online presence in the future !"

Dian Herdiana Wrote:
"After months looking for an easy set up membership site, finally with memberspeed software I really satisfaction with. A lot of templates and plug in provided with this software to make my membership site running so cool."

Marcel Vinson Wrote:
"This Software is AWESOME! With more features than you need you can easily make your own membership website with this software.

Thanks for allowing me to make the membership site that I have always dreamed of. If you are looking for membership software you cannot go wrong with memberspeed."

Barbara King Wrote:
"My new site is up and running smoothly. I love all the features that MemberSpeed has. It will take a while for me to get thru all the modules, but they have really made it possible for my site to have a professional look. Thanks for allowing me to be part of a fantastic program."

Jim Daniels Wrote:
"Hey Jeremy,

Just wanted to shoot over a quick thanks. Memberspeed has worked very well over the last week as I "quietly" opened my new member site.

Your setup tips and recommendations helped too. I ended up going with the instant approval of Silver memberships then instant redirect to the OTO Gold offer.

I opened it only for 5 days and only to my subscribers. (No JV partners) I wanted to keep it small for now since I'm doing all the coaching myself. So far 230 folks have chosen Gold membership and I hope to hit 300 before I close down enrollment tonight.

So far the feedback as been very positive and my members are really happy with the value for just $29.95 a month.

Thanks again man, I know this may sound silly, but even after 12 years of business I was new to membership sites. Memberspeed really shortened my learning curve.

I don't know what I would have done without it."

Allen Jesson Wrote:

Anyone that says that it is easy to install a membership site is stretching the truth. Membership scripts are, by their very nature, complicated beasts. However, membership sites are definitely worth the effort and we wanted a script that could handle all our requirements.

In fact, to call MS a 'script' does it a complete injustice, because it can handle EVERYTHING we throw at it. On top of that, their support is extraordinary. MS is highly recommended!

All the very best"

Mike Barcus Wrote:
"Hey there Jeremy and Simon,

This is actually my 2nd testimonial. I submitted my first one way back in 2007 when MemberSpeed was first released.

Being a CORE member ( for you readers who don't know what this means, I was one of the first to get MemberSpeed) I have had a few years to put the script through it's paces.

Having tried many membership scripts before this, I can say that MemberSpeed is the best of the best. Not only is it loaded with features, the fact that you are continuously updating and adding more features only puts MemberSpeed further ahead of the pack.

Between the fantastic support team and the forum help is never far away.

You have a right to be proud for creating such a fantastic product and backing it up with a #1 support team.

To anyone who is reading this and considering purchasing MemberSpeed, take it from someone who knows, you WILL NOT find a better membership script than this one!

Keep up the good work!

Warmest regards"

Max Lund Wrote:
"The Software package and all the add-ons make this package unbelievable. I can't think of anything you have left out.

What an unbelievable product, and what a reasonable price. That you can own it on your site with no monthly fees is the best.

I honestly believe this is one of the most powerful, comprehensive and value packed offer ever created for Internet Marketers. This offer is just phenomenal!

I am convinced that the powerful tools, products and facilities I'll have access to as a member, will bring me profits and improve my business.

Thanks Jeremy & Simon."

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