Technical Info / Server Requirements

· Any Linux based Hosting Platform
  (Preferably RHEL 3 or above)

Recommended: HostGator, KnownHost. Not Recommend: GoDaddy Hosting

Also check out Cool Handle hosting ( see special offer for Memberspeed users in the members area )

 · PHP 5 and above
  (GD library compiled with the support of FreeType fonts)
  (curl support)
 Not suitable for use with PHP Version 5.0.4.

· MySQL 5.01 and above

· Apache 1.3.x or above with MOD_REWRITE support

· Access To Crons - Full installation with all plugins requires 25 crons and maybe more for future plugins.

·  IonCube

· 50 MB Space For Script & Plugins Installation

· Full installation and highly trafficked sites may require up to 500MB of disk space + additional space for the site's content (products, videos, audios, images etc.)