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Added on 12/06/2007

Dear Simon and Jeremy,

I have been searching for just the right home for my visitors to go. And now they have it.

Thank you!

The "God" panel was everything and then some. And the installation videos made putting it all together a breeze.

You guys truly over delivered on this one.

Thanks Again,

P.S. Finding MemberSpeed was like having Christmas in July!!!!

Fred Acker

Added on 18/06/2007

Wow! I am completely blown away by this product. I knew it was going to be good, but this feels like the answer to every "I wish this software could..." I've ever uttered. Installation was a breeze and I was up and customizing in less than an hour.

It's going to be wonderful to have one product that puts all the pieces together.

Thanks a ton!

Sara Christensen

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Added on 13/06/2007

As you can see from the URL this is a new site or more acurately, the rebirth of a previous site using the MemberSpeed script.

I installed the core a few days ago..piece of cake. Was impressed with what I discovered with the core. Not until I installed the plugins did I realize what a wonderful opportunity you have allowed us. It is like a wonderland in the backend...every tool imaginable is at our fingertips.

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing and making it so easy.:-)


Judy and Michael

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