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Added on 27/06/2007

Well done Simon and Jeremy! But I must say this ...are you two CRAZY?!?

MemberSpeed looks like a clear winner that gives any marketers that extra edge ... and I can't believe you are literally 'giving' this away.

After reviewing the videos and demos of this awesome tool, I must say this is really a HUGE STEAL at the price you are asking for. This is really a no-brainer! MemberSpeed sells itself.

Congratulations! I look forward to using MemberSpeed for my project in late this year! It's definitely going to make my life easier with the central management and de-centralise of administration handling. A real time saver.

Excellent Work! You over-deliver once more!

Keith Choy

Added on 27/06/2007

Jeremy and Simon,

All I can say is WOW! I thought your previous products were good, but the MemberSpeed package is absolutely spectacular.

You guys have taken the word overdeliver and redefined it. I've taken a look at all the demo videos and the MemberSpeed software is mindblowing amazing.

It does everything an internet marketer could hope for, and more! Plus you've got all the other addons to the package which makes MemberSpeed unbelieveable.

I can't say enough about how phenomenal I think this package is.

Kind regards,

William Level

Added on 27/06/2007

I have fumbled through web designers, friends that "knew" how to build sites and finally had to learn myself. I have been using a CMS system and it has made me sweat to learn it and then I see MemberSpeed. I think to myself, why couldn't I have found this 4 years ago, but then realize that it is through my trial and error that I can appreciate the beauty of MemberSpeed. It is going to make my life a whole lot easier and give me back time I don't have to continually play with my websites. Thanks guys!! Great work!!

Web Master Live 2007

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