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Added on 28/06/2007

MemberSpeed is the product I've been waiting on for years!

No more Joomla, no more open source fiascos, no more expensive software that doesn't deliver.

You guys have really out-done yourself this time -- two thumbs WAY up and thank you for making my life as a marketer 100x easier!

All the best,

Lee Collins

Added on 28/06/2007

I am so looking forward to getting hold of this software to use on my sites, I've been using open source CMS stuff for a while - but the learning curve is really steep, and it doesn't have a fraction of the functions offered by MemberSpeed...

I just want a simple system that I don't have to spend days (or weeks) trying to figure out how to work - MemberSpeed looks like it fits the bill - good work guys!

Jim Montgomery

Added on 28/06/2007

I can only say one thing - WOW! I was kicking myself for not getting into your previous products because I thought they was more than I could afford at the time.

So, I have continued to work hard and make a few bucks here and there, always wondering what would have happened with my online career had I taken the chance and "gone for it".

Well, when I saw MemberSpeed, I knew immediately I was NOT going to let another unbelievable opportunity pass me by, not again!

When I got the signup email. I pulled my credit card out of my wallet and within 5 minutes MemberSpeed was mine.

What an opportunity, what an unbelievable product, and what a reasonable price, for something that for all intents and purposes is about to turn the internet marketing arena on it's ear.

I'm very excited to know that everything I have thought about doing is soon to become a reality.

Allen Lundy

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