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Added on 01/09/2007

After 3 months using MemberSpeed, I can say this is great help to create great membership sites.

And I have sent a lot of support emails, and I always got very good answers to help me manage my problem with my site.


Eric Barzin

Added on 20/06/2007

Admittedly, up to now, I haven't found a product worthy of my time to write a testimonial. However, that has changed with my purchase of MemberSpeed. Although I haven't completed the project to implement my new online business using MemberSpeed I'm confident that it will be something to be proud of in the future.

I have never been as satisfied with a product purchase as I am with the over delivery of this one. There is so much more included with the purchase of this product that it almost feels like stealing. And with the efficient and responsive support I received during the installation of the script I was impressed with the competence of your team overall.

I look forward to more high quality events in the future and thank you for the great experience you have provided me in the past. You organization has made a lasting high quality impression on me and no doubt the industry as well.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Rupert Mamby

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Added on 15/06/2007

Continually Amazed...Never could I have imagined the enormity of this. Of course Simon and Jeremy over deliver time and again-we all know that. But the MemberSpeed software will allow each of us to expand and monetize our business like never before. And finally have the time to enjoy It too.

John Barnes

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