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This site provides consumers worldwide with 100s of unique videos (for Online & Offline Distribution) that take a peak into the new and improved features of Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Each individual video is created as a "self contained" walk through of the topic it explains, it is as if you have your own teacher actually there with you, teaching you on a one to one basis! Each video created by an internationally respected Microsoft MVP !

Future Marketing Blueprint

The FMB new media resource membership site has been created to give web business owners, online entrepreneurs and webmasters a fighting chance in the impending battle of web marketing in 2007 and beyond.

When you become a member of FutureMarketingBlueprint you will be stockpiling vital web 2.0 resources and saving yourself countless hours of research. Videos to follow - Audio to hear - Ebook Reports you can read and learn then resell - Excel data - Article Directory

Newsletter Resources

Newsletters, Ezines, Co-Regs, Autoresponders and all other email based marketing methods require a number of utilities, products, services and know-how to be used in the most profitable way possible.

Newsletter-Resouces.com strives to find, test and select high quality, useful products all newsletter owners and email-based marketers can use. Join us for free and download our newsletter templates package, and get started today!

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