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eWellnessMall.com is a membership site with integration of affiliate program and ecommerce to promote the world's leading health & beauty products. When you work with eWellnessMall.com, you are working directly with the merchant and manufacturer on all house offers. Our parent company, Nutra Choice Sdn. Bhd. is a leading importer, supplier and manufacturer for quality health food products in Malaysia.

With our high quality products, we believe that the fastest way to introduce our Quality products to the world is through word of mouth marketing. According to a consumer survey, more than 75 percent of buyers trust consumer recommendations over any others type of advertising. By providing great products, prices, services and supports, and then getting people to start recommending our products to others, we can dramatically increase our online visibility, audience size and sales profits. When you share our products and direct customer to us, you will rewarded with an attractive commission scheme, this is called affiliate program.

Mission - “Health & Wealth Begins Here”
eWellnessMall.com will continue to provide nutritional products for affiliates to gain their health and help them to make money online through a professional affiliate program. Our main mission is bring health and wealth to the society and all our members.

eWellnessMall.com moving forward to become a leading membership site in Asia.

Let's make eWellnessMall.com a success story for you and me!


Inteligenia de Negocios
Business Inteligenia
Discover the difference a list makes unique business!

Have you felt the hard times due to the decay in the global economy? "This year your bills do not go as the expected?

And just because it was built - is it working? Does the site is active or passive?

Let them know your friends before they arrive!

Sign up for your membership business.

Find out how your listing with only a few pay for itself over and over and over again.

Make your website a business itself. Promoting your block and mortar business

A brief summary of what you're getting for your unique business listing

direct link to your site from wheintheworldareyou.com resources
the ability to increase the number of direct links to your site as you like
center similar sites throughout Central America and Colombia that will make traffic in mutual benefit for all.
sister sites built specifically to promote each country. living history sites (living-history-sites)
a bar of over 20 valuable tools tips and strategies to help you transform your site into an active creator of long-term traffic.
Without even mentioning the benefits for travelers, your friends

live interaction with residents and businesses before making your trip-even beyond the e-mail
A complete set of tools to help your planning: where, when, with whom, doing that
another set of tools to complete the task
another set of tools to help when they are traveling
and another set more tools to help you when you return home after the trip
An added benefit

are residents of Central and traveled extensively in all countries in Central America and Colombia and find ourselves with business travelers alike.
This is just the beginning of the results we get with the business list

The Law of Attraction Club

This community is for those wanting to understand what this life on earth is all about and how to make it more joyful.

We invite you to join with us as we seek here to understand and apply the principles of the Law Of Attraction. Through the facilities of this community, we intend for you to have whole new levels of access to information and guidance about consciously attracting into your experience those things that you desire.

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