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Joint Venture Finder

Joint Venture Finder: the premier free joint venture finder website to find a JV partner online and in real life.
This MS website has a focus on the JointVenture and Member To Member modules. Specifically, it allows members to search or post their Joint Venture offers, or, to allow JVF members to post special offers and promotions that are not Joint Ventures in the Member To Member Zone.
Other modules utilized include the Product Download, the Resources & testimonial modules. In time it is planned to add other modules including the Video and Articles modules.
The template was based on Template 27 and was modified by the owner to give it an individual feel.
The website has Silver membership that is currently free while in beta testing, but it may not always be so.
However, should the free Silver membership be removed, Member Speed members and MS visitors who may be interested in purchasing MemberSpeed software will be able to see how MS works can access free Silver membership from this special link:


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