New PLR Videos – YouTube SEO (dimesale)

August 12th, 2014

We just released our Brand NEW – YouTube SEO Video Course with Private Label Rights at:

What’s super cool is this video course is not based on theory, but based on actual proven methods that we personally use to open the video traffic floodgates.

So your advantage is you get to ride on our proven methods (whether you want to use these for yourself or sell them to your customers)

What’s it about?

Well, this course shows you and your customers-

How to Optimize Your Videos on YouTube and then get them ranked high on the Google organic search engine.

You and your customers will discover:

- How to use Youtube Effectively and Spy on your Competition

- Prepare your Video files for Better SEO Optimization

- SEO Optimize Your Video Further with This One Additional Simple and Easy Tweak For Better Ranking

- 5 minute Strategies to Gain Even More Traffic than your Competitors (before they do) from itself.

- Increase your Visitor Engagement.

- Increase your Youtube and Google SEO ranking to get more visitors to your video.

… and much more!

Plus it’s super easy for you and your customers to consume.

We’re giving you a chance to ride on our proven methods so when your customers who implement this properly and consistently will gain traffic, and they’ll keep buying from you.

And that’s what is important to us in the end.

Get it right now though as it’s on a dime sale so the price is shooting up fast!

Just use this link right now:

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. Want to see live examples of the YouTube SEO Video Course itself?

Want to see a real life case study proving that our strategies (that we’ve shared in the video course) work?

Sick of buying PLR to video courses that teach theory and not practical working strategies?

Check out our YouTube SEO PLR Video Series here >>>


CatchaMonkey – Your Questions Answered

August 9th, 2014

Here are the top three questions we’ve received about CatchaMonkey…

#1. How Many Sites Can I Use It For?

CatchaMonkey is a web based app and you can create an unlimited amount of Catchas.

You can also add them to as many sites as you need (we recommend you use them everywhere)

- On your sales pages
- On your affiliate promotions
- On your blog(s)

The more you use them the more new subscribers you’ll collect, the more sales you’ll save and the bigger your commission checks will be so we’ve placed zero restrictions on how often you use the software.

Seen enough? Get Catcha Monkey here:

#2. Is It Complicated To Install?

No, in fact there’s nothing to install!

Catcha Monkey is web based software, you simply login to your dashboard, create (or edit) your catchas, switch on the global override (if required) and you’re good to go.

No messy installs, nothing to update and no complicated scripts to edit…

You can start using the software in just minutes from now on both html sites and WordPress blogs and have Catcha Monkey working for you right away.

So forget the complicated and technical stuff, just use Catcha Monkey instead on all your sites:

#3. If I Get A Lifetime Account … Is There Anything More To Pay?

No, you get everything you need, there are no upsells, no add-ons and no monthly or renewal fees EVER!

Other payment options are available (monthly/yearly) on the site, but if you decide to get the LIFETIME option you are all set, all future updates, upgrades etc. are all included which means you’ll get them FREE for the life of your account.

But you’ll need to hurry, these special deal, lifetime accounts are only available until the end of this week.

After then this option will be replaced with a recurring fee level and it’s unlikely they will ever be offered again.

**Lifetime Offer Closes On Sunday At Midnight EST**

Secure Your Spot Now To Avoid Disappointment

Finally you may have been considering just how important or valuable this exit traffic is to you and even if it’s worth using exit popups at all on your site?

We think it’s CRITICAL you implement this strategy, if making more sales, if building your list and if stopping rogue vendors siphoning of your commissions and adding your potential buyers to their email lists matters to you then you need Catcha Monkey:

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

P.S. For more information and strategy ideas about how to really build your list with Catcha Monkey then use the link below to pick up a special FREE report we’ve put together for you – Here’s the link to download it


Are you plugging these profit leaks?

August 6th, 2014

Even as you read this blog post, there are people on your website who’re hitting the back button.

They’re leaving your site… for good…

- You’re losing cash as they leave your sales pages. - You’re losing readers as they click from your blog posts.

But most of all, you’re LOSING A TON OF REVENUE & OPPORTUNITY if you never see these people again.

(And if you let them leave your page, you can bet most will forget about you and never come back)

Good news is You can plug these ‘leaks’ with this:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

What you need to do is catch these prospects before they exit your site. When they hit the back button or try to close the window, you need a way to drop an enticing offer right in front of their noses…

Something so irresistible that they trip all over themselves to join your list or even buy your other products.

That’s exactly what Catcha Monkey can do for you…

When a visitor leaves your site, the Catcha Monkey app creates an exit popup window with your chosen offer.

End result?

It turns your exit traffic into eager subscribers, future customers and cash in the bank.

Check out what happens when you try to LEAVE THIS PAGE

Best of all, CatchaMonkey is easy to use because it’s a web-based app. There’s nothing for you to download, nothing to install, and no confusing lines of code to write or tweak.

All you have to do to create an UNLIMITED number of exit popups is log into your Catcha Monkey dashboard, and with just a couple clicks of your mouse the app will design a super-effective exit popup for you.

Just imagine for a moment the many ways you can use this to build your list and start closing more sales…

For example, you can direct everyone leaving your sales pages to join your list by bribing them with a related freebie (then use your autoresponder to follow up, boost your conversions and capture more sales).

You can send everyone who’s leaving your blog to a related offer. You can even put a different exit pop up on every page of your site, so that visitors see a laser-targeted offers when they leave. (which gives you a better chance to grab more affiliate commissions)

But It Gets Even Better… One of the most powerful ways to use Catcha Monkey is by creating exit pop ups on OTHER PEOPLE’S websites.

All you have to do is let Catcha Monkey employ its powerful iframes technology, and then you can send visitors to any site and when they leave it, Catcha Monkey will display *YOUR* exit pop up.

Even if those other sites already use exit popups yours will be shown. (That’s right, your visitors will never see the other site’s pop ups)!

If you’re an affiliate marketer this feature alone will be WORTH TEN TIMES THE PRICE of the software for you.

You Can Get Your Copy Of Catcha Monkey at:

Just think about it for a moment:

How many times have you sent your traffic to an affiliate offer, and then noticed the vendor has his own exit popups and is happy to turn your potential commissions into his new subscribers?

(It happens all the time – In fact there are top level marketing courses from the ‘gurus’ that teach this strategy of using a launch to simply build a list of subscribers from all their affiliate’s hard work).

If you use Catcha Monkey no one will ever get the chance to take advantage of you like that again!

Is it devious? No doubt about it. Some people are gonna think you’re hacking websites. Let them think what they want, because this is a TOTALLY LEGAL way for you to start building your own list, closing more sales and putting more money in YOUR pocket!

So listen… Don’t let another exiting visitor slip through your fingers and disappear forever….

Use Catcha Monkey starting today to quickly and easily add them onto your mailing list and put them in front of your highest-converting offers.

Simply put, this is the easiest and smartest way to start turning your exit traffic into cash in the bank!

Some of the world’s top marketers are using this software right now to add 6 figures of revenue to their bottom line…

So just imagine how YOU can use this software to grow your mailing lists, crush your affiliate competition, dominate your niche, close more sales and slide more money in your pocket this year.

We think it’s essential but CLICK HERE and be the judge for yourself.

Once launch phase is over the lifetime option will be gone and not publicly available ever again

It’s definitely the best deal but you can of course try it out on the monthly option.

We’ve been using it on all our sites for months now and we finally opened it up for the public to use as well – this means you can use the exact same cutting edge technology we use ourselves to grow our business faster, smarter & better.

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

P.S. For a limited time we are offering ‘LIFETIME’ VIP accounts, but time is ticking away if you want the best exit popup software on the planet without ongoing monthly fees then click this link now:

Once launch phase is over the lifetime option will be gone


CatchaMonkey – Why Smart Marketers are Making the Switch

August 5th, 2014

If you missed my email yesterday, here’s your link to check out the brand new ‘CatchaMonkey’ exit pop-up software that within the last 24 hours has already changed the way smart marketers and affiliates handle their site traffic for good…

See why smart marketers are making the switch:

The response has been PHENOMENAL…

*Over 400* smart marketers have already made the switch to Catcha Monkey (are you one?) and they’re already benefiting from the powerful features that aren’t available anywhere else!


- Third-Party Site Pop-Ups like this > DEMO AT THE BBC

- Built In Traffic Grabbing Notification Bars

- Time Saving Global Override Options (we love this one!)

And because this is a web based app there’s
Nothing to install…
Nothing to update…
No complicated set up…
PLUS updates & new features are ALWAYS 100% FREE for the life of your account!

It’s time to put yourself in the driving seat

Get Instant Access To Catcha Monkey Here

If you have sales pages, promote affiliate offers, run a blog… in fact, if you own any kind of web property, then check out what this new app can do to boost your clicks, build your list, increase your conversions and add more to your bottom line within just a few minutes from now.

You can continue to use obsolete and outdated software that no longer works well going into 2014 and beyond...or you can get CatchaMonkey.

** Right now you can grab a special *LIFETIME* account, these won’t be available for very long but if you already know this is the tool you’ll be using for years to come, then it’s worth securing that now while it’s still available.

Once launch phase is over the lifetime option will be gone and not publicly available ever again

It’s definitely the best deal but you can of course try it out on the monthly option.

We’ve been using it on all our sites for months now and we finally opened it up for the public to use as well – this means you can use the exact same cutting edge technology we use ourselves to grow our business faster, smarter & better.

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

P.S. Remember up to 98% of visitors leave sites without taking any kind of action – Most marketers ignore this jaw dropping statistic and are missing out on thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue because of it

Don’t make the same mistake get Catcha Monkey today