Hydravid Discount & Bonuses!

January 28th, 2015

We’ve been testing out and reviewing this new video marketing software called ‘Hydravid’ for the past week and we really like what this can do.

Right now you can get in during the time limited launch *Discount* period

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This is an affordable solution that will save you time and money over some high priced services that are out there right now…

Watch the walk through video and look over our bonuses (exclusively from us) for tons of added value.

We hope this helps with your video marketing :)

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason


Easy VSL Your Discount & Extra Bonuses

January 14th, 2015

This is the one we told you about ‘Easy VSL‘ Launch *Discount* is now live!

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There’s nothing like it on the market right now

Watch the review video (made with this software) and look over our bonuses (exclusively from us)

This software has already become our new video sales letter editing best friend :)

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon


Happy New Year! discover how to make 2015 your most productive year to date …

January 2nd, 2015

HAPPY 2015!

If you give us just a few minutes of your time today, We promise to deliver back to you much more in return…

… In just a moment, we’re going to reveal to you a simple system you can begin using right now to make 2015 your most productive year to date!

This simple system will allow you to easily re-capture more hours in your day, more days in your week, and even more weeks in your coming year.

It’s the perfect solution for you if you regularly find yourself looking back at at your life wondering what in the world happened to all your time, and why you have very few results to show for it.

It’s going to help you take care of all the things you have to do on a regular basis, from the small stuff like checking email and reading the news, to the more important tasks, like building your business and spending quality time with your family.

So, If you’re ready to learn it…

Here’s The System

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. If you practice the three simple steps Simon outlines on the page above regularly, it will totally revolutionize the way you get things done in your life – it worked for me :-)



High priced designer…. or Landing Page Monkey?

December 11th, 2014

Landing Page Monkey is selling like crazy!

People know a good thing when they see it. :)

Business owners everywhere are just loving the totally slick opt-in and sales pages this app creates….

Check it out for yourself here:

This app is leveling the playing field for business owners. No longer do you need a wad of cash to hire an expensive designer to create your lead pages.

Landing Page Monkey does it for you – and your competitors will swear you must have spent a bundle on a high priced designer.

You don’t have to tell them your secret!

You see, one of the features that makes this app so popular is that it gives you the ability to design your page just about any way you want – all with the click of a mouse.

You can:

Change the page colors: You can choose absolutely any color using the visual color chart. Just click on any color and your opt-in page to seamlessly the rest of your site!

- Include graphics: You can include background graphics and/or graphics on by the opt-in form. Put in your logo, add an eye-catching graphic …the choice is yours!

Add a background video: With just a click you can choose a YouTube video, Vimeo video or any hosted MP4 video to play on the page background.

This gives your site a polished, cutting-edge feel that’s sure to impress!

- Add animation: With a click you can choose from 30 different types of animations for your opt-in box. From subtle to bold to no animation, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs perfectly.

Change font styles and colors: No more basic Arial or Times New Roman – now you can choose from tons of super-slick fonts that perfectly match the look and feel of your business.

Choose your layout: Make your page your own by choosing a layout that meets your needs. You can even import and share templates with other LPM owners!

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to create pages like a pro – without touching a single line of code!

See for yourself here:

To Your Success!

Warm Regards
Jeremy Gislason

P.S. There are other ways to create landing pages, but Landing Page Monkey is the best, easiest, fastest and most affordable way to do it.

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