Free Webinar with Tim Paige of LeadPages

July 29th, 2014

We’re inviting you to a private webinar this Thursday (July 31st) at 11AM Eastern hosted by us with special guest Tim Paige of LeadPages!

Rapid Listbuilding For Hypergrowth: The 7 Most Important Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website To 3x/4x Your List In The Next 6 Months!

We’ll be talking about . . .

** The four pages on your website that should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus.

(If you focus on these four webpages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase profits).

This is about focus. Pay attention to these four pages and you’ll do great! …Ignore them and you’re hosed. :0

** The 7 most important tweaks you should be making to your website in 2014.

** How to easily create a one-page dashboard to help you monitor the most important webpages in your business (and monitor the life of your list).

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Here’s what a few folks have said about this webinar …

“Seeing how all your landing pages can work together as a sales machine was illuminating! Everyone should see this!”
- Marcos D’Urbano

“This is definitely the best marketing webinar I’ve attended.”
- Martin Chernenkof​f

“This was the best webinar I’ve seen (and I produce professional webinars for a living.)”
- Lenny Ferreira
We’re looking forward to seeing you there :)

Here’s the link to use to reserve your spot:

See you on Thursday!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy, Simon & Tim Paige

P.S. Even if you cannot attend there might be a replay so just make sure to sign up to reserve your spot either way to make sure you can get access to this awesome free training coming up:


Need traffic? This works like crazy…

July 20th, 2014

Have you ever seen those You Tube videos that get millions of views, or those inspirational or funny emails that get forwarded and passed around for years?

Just imagine for a moment if that was YOUR content.

Think about what it would be like to have your links and advertising embedded in this content.

Imagine what would happen if thousands or even millions of people shared your content.

- You’d be going crazy (in a good way).
- Your traffic logs would explode.
- Your mailing lists would grow like never before.
- Your PayPal account would light up with cash.

That’s the power of viral traffic.

Those who know how to harness it can influence millions of people, grow their lists and make a lot of money.

Problem is, most people have no clue how to create a viral campaign.

That’s because lots of people who’ve never even created a viral campaign are trying to teach others how to do it.

Lots of rehashed, incomplete and just plain wrong information is floating around out there.

That’s why we decided to share our secrets for the first time ever...

The 5th video course (included inside Monkey Marketing Mastermind) is called ‘Traffic SPLASH!’

Take a look for yourself on the main site:

[This also comes with resell rights so you can sell it like the other courses]

We worked out a blindingly simple strategy to get people to share ANY KIND of content

- even opt-in pages, sales letters and more.

(We’re talking about the stuff that usually doesn’t get shared).

Forget those regular share or like buttons (people are so blind to them these days hardly anyone uses them)

But getting people to share anything…

Well think about how powerful that is.

You can be the top influencer in your niche once you wield this kind of power.

You can be the one with the viral YouTube videos with an eye-popping amount of views.

You can develop the infographics that get shared on Facebook like crazy.

And all you have to do to get started is grab a copy of ‘Traffic Splash’ -

You get that and so much more right here:

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

P.S. This tactic is so powerful it kinda borders on freaky mind-control. Good Right :-)

You’ll find out how to trigger some deep emotional buttons with your content so that your viral campaign sweeps across your niche like an out-of-control tornado.

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List Building from an Unexpected Traffic Source

July 19th, 2014

There’s one thing the smartest marketers are doing really well that average guys are hardly doing at all…

They’re turning their EXIT TRAFFIC into cash!

Here’s the deal…

Most marketers just figure anyone who leaves their site wasn’t a good prospect anyway and they forget all about them…

… But surprisingly nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, just because someone leaves your site doesn’t mean they don’t want what you’re selling – it just means they aren’t going to buy it right at this moment.

Or maybe it wasn’t the right product for their needs, but you most likely have other products that would be a good fit for them.

Problem is, if someone does leave your site, then they’re gone. They’ll just forget about you.

We mean they have a million and one other things going on so coming back to your site isn’t a high priority.

And guess what… Well if you’ve been reading our emails this last few days, you’ll know what we’re about to say next…

You’re Right! – We’ve put together an entire training course on this subject, it’s called ‘List Monster’ and you can get access to it inside ‘Monkey Marketing Mastermind’

It also comes with resell rights – (just like the other courses we’ve already told you about)

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Now back to the strategy…

Seriously, you need to do whatever you can to capture this exit traffic and turn them into responsive subscribers and cash-paying customers.

And it’s easy to do, if you know the SECRETS of showing them the right offer at the right time.

That’s the trick and we’ve tested the cr@p out of this over the last year to prove it works.

Now you’re probably wondering if it’s even worth trying to convert exit traffic into customers?

It’s totally worth it!

There are marketers who’re making an extra six and even seven figures in their business totally off the backs of exit traffic!!

They just worked out the right way to do it.

Think about it…

If you can make even a fraction of that amount, you’d totally be laughing all the way to the bank.

You can do this – you just need a proven strategy for getting this traffic onto your list and converting them into customers and we called it ‘List Monster’

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You’ll even get a sneak peek at two proven exit pages that are pulling in more than double the industry-standard conversion rates.

You can totally model your own exit pages after our templates. It’s easy!

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

P.S. We bet right at this very moment, people on your website are clicking the back button to leave your site forever.

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Hardly Anyone Knows about this Secret Sales Tactic…(yet)

July 19th, 2014

If you’ve not yet checked out Monkey Marketing Mastermind then you’re missing out BIG TIME!

Take a look and see what all the fuss is about:

Okay, now back to this super secret tactic…

You see we’re excited because it’s not too often you run into a PROVEN sales secret that works so well that it’s doubling conversion rates among the underground group of marketers who’re using it.

And it’s even more rare that a tactic this powerful has stayed a secret for so long – even your competitors don’t know about it yet.

Let us explain…

We’ve been secretly testing and using this strategy for many months now. On a whole host of different sites and it’s as much as DOUBLED our conversion rates (across different niches and different types of products).

The cool thing is it’s so incredibly simple that it takes just a few minutes to implement.

We call it ‘The Intensifier’, and now you can discover how to use it to get more customers, more sales and more money… effortlessly.

We teach everything inside ‘The Intensifier’ training course you’ll find inside Monkey Marketing Mastermind (and remember you get resell rights to this course too)

See the video here:

In a nutshell all you have to do is put a special block of text overlaying your sales page.

Here’s how it works…

This tiny bit of text intensifies the problem in your prospect’s mind.

They may have clicked through to your sales page out of mild curiosity and boredom, but once you lay the Intensifier on them they aren’t going to leave until they hits your order button.

We’re telling you this works like crazy!

Listen, this is the marketing tactic that everyone is going to be talking about this year, so don’t get left behind – With the reseller license you can be the one teaching them!

To Your Success!

Warm Regards,
Jeremy & Simon

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